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Samsung galaxy m34 specifications.

Price - ₹ 17,999  

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy M34 Prism Silver – a smartphone that combines elegance, functionality, and innovation in one stunning package. With its striking design, impressive features, and user-focused enhancements, the Galaxy M34 Prism Silver is poised to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts. Let's dive into a comprehensive review of this captivating device:

Specification Value
OS Android 13
Display 16.51 cm (6.5 inch)
Internal Memory 128 GB
Price in india ₹ 17,999
-31% ₹ 17,999 ₹ 25,999

Samsung galaxy m34 Design and Aesthetics:

The Samsung Galaxy M34 Prism Silver presents itself in a sleek and sophisticated Prism Silver color variant that catches the light and reflects a range of captivating hues. The prism-like effect not only adds a touch of luxury but also sets the device apart from the competition. The slim profile and curved edges make for a comfortable grip, while the glass back and metal frame exude a premium feel.

Samsung galaxy m34 Display Excellence:

Featuring an immersive display, the Galaxy M34 boasts a generously sized screen that brings your content to life. The high-quality Super AMOLED panel ensures vibrant colors, deep blacks, and stunning contrast ratios. With its Full HD+ resolution, the display delivers sharp visuals that enhance your viewing experience, whether you're watching videos, browsing photos, or playing games.

Performance Powerhouse:

Under the hood, the Galaxy M34 houses a capable processor paired with ample RAM, resulting in smooth multitasking, quick app launches, and seamless navigation. Whether you're juggling between applications, streaming media, or indulging in graphically demanding games, the device handles it all effortlessly.

Camera Brilliance:

The camera system of the Galaxy M34 Prism Silver is designed to capture life's moments with precision and creativity. Its versatile camera setup includes a range of lenses that allow you to snap captivating wide-angle shots, stunning close-ups, and professional-quality portraits. With AI enhancements and advanced features, your photography skills are elevated to new heights.

Battery Longevity and Quick Charging:

Equipped with a substantial battery capacity, the Galaxy M34 ensures that you stay connected throughout the day. Its energy-efficient components, combined with smart battery management, contribute to prolonged usage. Furthermore, the device supports quick charging, reducing downtime and ensuring that you're always ready to go.

User-Friendly Software Experience:

The Galaxy M34 runs on Samsung's intuitive One UI, offering a seamless and user-friendly interface. One UI comes with an array of customization options, allowing you to tailor your device to suit your preferences. The software experience is designed to enhance your interaction with the phone, making every task feel effortless.

Modern Connectivity and Features:

The Galaxy M34 Prism Silver provides modern connectivity options, including rapid data speeds and seamless Wi-Fi connections. Additionally, it offers dual SIM functionality, catering to users who require multiple phone numbers. The built-in fingerprint sensor guarantees secure access to your device and data.

Spacious Storage Capacity:

With ample storage space, the Galaxy M34 lets you store your photos, videos, apps, and files without worrying about running out of room. The expandable storage option ensures that you can carry even more content with you wherever you go.


Eye-catching Prism Silver color with a premium design. Super AMOLED display for vibrant visuals and deep contrasts. Powerful performance for multitasking and gaming. Versatile camera system with AI enhancements. Long-lasting battery life and quick charging support. Intuitive One UI interface for a user-friendly experience. Dual SIM and expandable storage capabilities.


More detailed specifications, such as processor specifics and camera megapixels, would enhance the review further.

Final Verdict:

The Samsung Galaxy M34 Prism Silver encompasses style, performance, and innovation, making it an attractive option for those seeking a smartphone that complements their lifestyle. If it follows Samsung's tradition of delivering reliable devices with competitive features, the Galaxy M34 Prism Silver could very well stand out as a compelling choice for individuals who prioritize aesthetics and functionality in their mobile devices.