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Apple iphone 13 mini price in india

Price - ₹ 61,999  

The "Mini" version of iPhones typically follows a similar design and feature set as the standard version, but with a smaller form factor. Here's what you might expect from the iPhone 13 Mini:

Specification Value
OS iOS 15
Internal Memory 128 GB
Display 13.72 cm (5.4 inch)
Price in India ₹ 61,999
₹ 61,999

iphone 13 mini Display:

The iPhone 13 Mini's display might have been smaller in size compared to the standard iPhone 13, but it would likely feature OLED technology for improved color accuracy and brightness. A higher refresh rate display (ProMotion) could also have been a possibility

iphone 13 mini Processor:

Just like the standard version, the iPhone 13 Mini would likely feature a new and more powerful processor to enhance performance and energy efficiency.

iphone 13 mini Camera:

The camera system on the iPhone 13 Mini could have featured similar improvements as the standard version, such as enhancements in low-light photography, image stabilization, and potential computational photography features.

iphone 13 mini Battery:

Apple usually aims to optimize battery life in its devices. The iPhone 13 Mini might have included a smaller battery due to its compact size but with optimizations to extend usage time.

5G Connectivity:

The iPhone 13 Mini would likely have supported 5G connectivity for faster data speeds.

iphone 13 mini Storage:

Similar to other models in the lineup, the iPhone 13 Mini could have come with various storage configurations, catering to different user needs.


The iPhone 13 Mini would have launched with the latest version of Apple's iOS, introducing new features and improvements.

iphone 13 mini Design:

The iPhone 13 Mini's design might have been similar to its predecessor, but with potential refinements and adjustments.